Chance for Science Conference 2022

Conference for academics affected by the war in Ukraine


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September 8-9, 2022

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Speak & Connect

Are you a student, academic or scholar affected by the war in Ukraine and are you looking for an opportunity to continue your study, research project or scientific work? Do you want to share your research data and scientific expertise and build up a network within your discipline? Do you want to connect with other students, academics and scholars and find out more about research funding opportunities here in Germany? Sign up to speak and participate in the Chance for Science Conference 2022!

Listen & Connect

Are you an academic, practitioner, business representative or member of a research institution in Germany and looking to get in touch with academics and scholars affected by the war in Ukraine? Do you want to extend your network of experts in your discipline and connect with scholars from abroad? Sign up to participate in the Chance for Science Conference 2022!



Dr. Svitlana Tarasenko

Dr. Svitlana Tarasenko is a postdoc researcher at Sumy State University, Ukraine. From 2020 to…

Prof. Dr. Maryna Kabanets

Prof. Maryna Kabanets is a full professor, doctor of pedagogical sciences in pedagogy and history…

Johannes Gebhardt

Johannes Gebhardt is Ph.D. student at Carmen Bachmann's chair for Business Taxation, Leipzig University. After his…

Massih Zekavat

Massih Zekavat is an Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Fellow at Europa-Universit√§t Flensburg, Germany. He is…

Prof. Dr. Nina Chala

Prof. Dr. Nina Chala is Ukrainian researcher in economic and public administration, trainer, coach and…

Prof. Dr. Carmen Bachmann

Prof. Dr. Carmen Bachmann is a full professor for Business Administration and Taxation at the…

Dr. Liudmyla Adariukova

Dr. Liudmyla Adariukova Philology, Pedagogy Postdoc Donetsk national technical university

Maxim Dergachov

Maxim Dergachov is a Software Developer and has recently worked at Odesa National Academy of…

Saba Mirhosseini

Saba Mirhosseini is from Iran and has a BA degree in English Literature, currently she…

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  • Students, academics and scholars from all disciplines
  • Students, academics and scholars that are interested in presenting their research or knowledge
  • Participate from wherever you are


  • Data, topics, sections from research papers
  • Doctoral or master's dissertations
  • Current research projects
  • Present yourself and your research, knowledge and academic expertise
  • Short presentations of 10 minutes
  • Directly get in touch with other participants and speakers in breakout-sessions
  • Hear about funding opportunities for students, researchers and scientists here in Germany

When & Where?

  • September 8-9, 2022 (agenda will be updated soon)
  • Online

The conference is hosted by Chance for Science, an initiative by Professor Carmen Bachmann, Leipzig University.