Dr. Olesia Vashchuk

Chairwoman of the Scholars Support Office, Ukraine

CV: Dr. Vashchuk has fifteen years of experience in the educational, social, non-commercial sphere. She earned a Doctor of Law degree from National University “Odessa Law Academy” in Ukraine, and Master’s degree in Accounting and Auditing from Priazovsk State Technical University in Ukraine, and Master’s degree in Psychology from South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University named after K. Ushinsky in Ukraine. Dr. Olesia Vashchuk is Chairwoman of the Young Scientists Council at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, is Chairwoman of the Scholars Support Office. The Council unites all young scientists of Ukraine and together with them implements more than 200 projects a year. In general, more than 16,000 young scientists are involved in the activities of the Council. Olesia has an academic title of Professor of the Department of criminalistics at National University “Odessa Law Academy”. As a Chairwoman of Ukrainian non-profit organization International Foundation of Development” she introduced a few programs for the development of an individual, of national societies, and the program for providing a necessary life minimum. Previously she worked at National University “Odessa Law Academy” on legal assistance, educational process organization, information and analytical support. Olesia acted as an expert on education and research in Ukraine, USA, Poland, Lithuania, China, Latvia, Hungary, Moldova, Romania, Germany, Belarus and etc. Because of this, she gained strong skills in project coordination and implementation. Olesia is the author of more than 180 scientific and journalistic works. She is interested in optimization, innovation and development.

Presentation title: Scholar Support Office (SSO)