Katerina Kravets

National University of Physical Education and Sports of Ukraine

Presentation title: A study of the effects of a balanced diet and protein shakes based on whey and pea protein on physical performance, body composition and weight loss processes in people engaged in fitness

Abstract: When losing weight, one of the problems is the loss of lean body mass (muscle). But a number of studies have shown that increasing the use of proteins can contribute to the preservation of dry body tissues, and an important factor is the reduction of appetite, which has been proven by research groups. The feeling of satiety and satisfaction increases with increasing protein intake. Protein consumption increases the release of protein YY, glucagon-like peptide, cholecystokinin, which are negative regulators of the feeling of hunger, and decreases the concentration of acylated ghrelin in the blood, which is one of the main factors of appetite. The increase in the amount of protein in the study was carried out with the help of protein products of animal origin, as well as two types of proteins - whey and pea Protein shakes based on pea and whey protein can act as an effective and convenient way to increase the amount of protein in the diet without stressing the digestive organs.