Dr. Ivan Laktionov

Dnipro University of Technology


Education: Doctor of Engineering Sciences, specialty computer systems and components.

Current job: Professor of the Department of Software of Computer Systems.

Scientific achievements: more than 75 scientific works; member of the editorial board of Scopus and WoS journals; winner of the Prize of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for Young Scientists.

Scientific direction: advanced computer, sensor, infocommunication and microprocessor technologies of physical and chemical parameters monitoring and control systems.

Professional skills: MatLab & Simulink, LabView, C, Proteus, Multisim.

Main academic subjects: Metrology, Microprocessor Technology, Modeling of Electronic Devices, Theory of Automatic Control.

Language knowledge:Ukrainian - native, English - sufficient, Russian - fluent.

Presentation title: The Innovative Computer-Integrated Technologies for Agricultural Enterprises: Current Results and Research Prospects


The scientific and applied problem consists in developing the theory of creating and implementation of the applied computer-integrated monitoring and automatic control technologies of the agricultural enterprises integrated microclimate state. The main goal consists in developing scientific approaches to strategic modernization (increasing the pace and volume of vegetable production with satisfactory quality and energy efficiency improving) of agricultural enterprises by creation of new and improvement of existing computer-integrated technologies. The research object is non-stationary processes of aggregation and interpretation of measurement information on the integrated state of greenhouse microclimate. The research subject is methods, technologies and means of computer-integrated greenhouse microclimate monitoring and automatic energy efficient control.