Dr. Glib Mazhara

National Technical University of Ukraine "Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" (NTUU KPI) located in Kyiv, Ukraine.

CV: I'm 30 y. o. I have obtained my Ph.D. in Economics degree in 2020. My English level is C1-C2. I'm aiming for doctoral level, actively publishing articles in Ukraine and outside, Scopus \ WoS, same as Type B of MON database, writing manuals (eight for previous year) and textbooks. At university I`m being a curator of the academic group and responsible for the scientific work of the department, also head of the "Data Science and Economic Modeling" research group. I was working in different NGOs (such as Save the Children International, UNICEF, Development of Ukraine) from 2015 to support Ukraine in 2014-year conflict, therefore as war have started in 2022, I joined GO “Academic space” as Head of the direction.

Presentation title: Modeling of irrational behavior of economic agents in a commodity market

Abstract: The components of behavioral economics is analyzed, namely the processes of preparation, analysis, measurement, accumulation, identification, presentation and interpretation of nonfinancial data, based on which the leadership of organizations, ministries and scientists can make both operational and strategic decisions that affect the development of correspondently organizations, or industry in general. The work investigates various psychological effects associated with irrational attitudes of individuals, and proves that financial and economic, as well as managerial decisions are influenced by situational judgments and emotions. Management of mass economic consciousness, as well as strengthening and provoking positive and negative economic phenomena. The phenomena of different perception of information depending on its formulation are analyzed.