Selbi Kullykova

Kyiv National University of Theater, Cinema and Television named after I. K. Karpenko-Kary

CV: Selbi is me, a Ukrainian girl with eastern roots and this is my highlight. My love is the culture of the East, and that's why I studied Arabic at school (it's just the Turkmen blood making itself felt). I am a graduate of the Kyiv National University of Theater, Film and Television named after I.K. Karpenko-Karyo, majoring in "Audiovisual art and production", educational and professional program "Mastery of an announcer and presenter of television programs". I am the author and presenter of the YouTube project "LOOK&SEE SHOW". This is a series of interviews with people with disabilities. You can see here

I also worked as an assistant to a line producer at SarkeStudio (Georgian film production company - Ukrainian branch in Kyiv) and interned at the Ukrainian TV channels Inter ("Details") and UA:Pershiy ("Ranok na Suspilny"). Of course, my main dream is to become a TV presenter. I know it's not easy. But even in spite of the war, I will achieve my goal!

Presentation title: YouTube - project for people with disabilities "LOOK&SEE SHOW"

Abstact: "LOOK&SEE SHOW" - a series of interviews of sighted and blind presenters with people with disabilities. This project is published on YouTube, as well as on Facebook and Instagram. We already have a 9-issue series of interviews.

Logline: A person with a disability in our studio will show that the life of a person with a disability can be happy, successful and fulfilling. The concept of "normality" is not a measure of success in life, and the peculiarities of each of us can become our highlight.

Topic: People with disabilities have turned disability into their highlight. A difficult path, various difficulties faced and still faced by a person with a disability, his change of attitude towards everything and the way to success, affairs of life, to a comfortable existence. About the person who inspires achievement.

Idea: To show that people with disabilities are full members of society; these are successful, smiling, realized People who can inspire, who know the value of life and can afford such a luxury as being themselves.

The program is adapted for different types of disabilities, so each issue is translated into sign language.