Veronika Barvinok

Sumy State University

CV: Background: B.S. with a majority in International Economics (2017) and M.S. with a majority in International Business (2018). Languages: English (B2), German (A2), Ukrainian (mother tongue). Field of scientific interests: higher education, sustainable development, SDG, labor migration in Ukraine, My aim is to reach the doctoral level and continues investigating economic mechanism of higher education. Now, I am working on two research projects about Education system and Ecological issues, actively publishing articles in Ukraine and outside, Scopus \ WoS (20+ publications).

Presentation Title: Stakeholder approach in economic-organizational management of higher education and lifelong education aimed to reduce labor migration in Ukraine

Abstract: COVID-19 and the full-scale war in 2022 higher education have shown the inflexibility of modern economic and organizational management of higher education in Ukraine. In addition, the problem of labor emigration in Ukraine has intensified, which involves the loss of human capital, which is a direct threat to the country's national security. An effectively organized educational system that interacts with all interested parties is able to improve the situation with the departure of labor force abroad. That is why, the stakeholder approach in higher education is analyzed, namely identification of key participants of higher education, analysis of main classification features, their role in educational system, and measurement of their influence, based on economics theories.