Mykyta Marfunin

V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University


Studying in V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University (Kharkiv, Ukraine): 2018: B.Sc. in Chemistry. 2020: M.Sc. in Chemistry. Master’s thesis: “Spectral and colloidal properties of fullerene C70 in toluene-acetonitrile mixture”.

Present: Ph.D. Student, Theme: ''Colloidal properties of fullerenes C70 and C60 in organo- and organohydrosols''. Teaching assistant, Physical chemistry department, Chemical Faculty.

Additional skills and hobbies: programming (Python).

Languages: Ukrainian and Russian: fluent; German and English: B2 .

More info:

Presentation title: The fullerene C70 colloidal properties: aggregation, coagulation

Abstract: Fullerenes are one of the most promising nanomaterials nowadays. They and their derivatives are actively researched in a wide range of branches: electronics, medicine, catalysis and nanosensors. So, the water solutions of fullerenes (hydrosols) are well studied. At the same time in the case of organosolls mainly only researches which deal with solubility and aggregation are carried out. Such important phenomena like coagulation, which can discover specificity and features of fullerenes interactions, are poorly described. This work deals with coagulation and aggregation processes in organic solvents mixtures, which allows determining and describing some specific processes and interactions between fullerenes nanoparticles or between nanoparticles and its surrounding (ions, solvent molecules). The current research shows that classic DLVO theory, which has been used for a long time also for fullerenes sols, predicts wrong results and parameters if used without so called non-DLVO contributions. According to the obtained data, wrong results and values can be present even in the case of well studied hydrosols.