Prof. Kateryna Osadcha

Bogdan Khmelnitsky Melitopol State Pedagogical University

CV: Today, specialists in computer graphics and digital design must not only be able to retouch and draw images in a graphic editor, make 3D models and realistic visualizations, work with subject photography, create creative concepts and show their ideas on sketches, but also have tools graphics programming, development of VR and AR projects, virtual and 3D drawings and 3D printing technologies. Therefore, the content of training in computer graphics and digital design should include familiarization with both traditional knowledge of fine arts and digital technologies and software tools for creating various digital products.

Presentation title: Digital design trends and their impact on the professional training of designers

Abstract: Nowadays, the creation of works using a computer, graphic or screen tablet, stylus and other technical devices has become a new direction of fine art. Modern digital art is rapidly developing and penetrating many spheres of human activity, capturing positions in the design of books, posters, advertising products, the computer game industry, and cinema. Keeping the basic principles unchanged, it continues to improve. These processes, in turn, need to be understood and generalized in order to modernize the content of the training of modern specialists in the field of computer graphics and digital design. The report analyzes modern trends in digital design. Based on the analysis, it is concluded that modern digital design technologies should be studied during the professional training of future designers. The presentation presents examples of the works of students studying under the educational program "Digital Design" at Bogdan Khmelnitsky Melitopol State Pedagogical University.